Barracuda Interface


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Here is a kayak quick enough to compete on the Coast to Coast and other racing type events, but also light enough to lift on and off of the car with ease, with the durability of sheet formed plastic rather than fibreglass and composite materials that can crack when rocks are hit. The ample sealed bulkhead hatches make it perfect for touring around our beautiful coasts,rivers and lakes.

The Barracuda Interface has moved away from the more common rounded hull, to a ‘V’ hull with hard chines with less rocker than the Beachcomber, the Interface tracks easily and is approximately 15 – 20% faster. This also means the Interface is less manoeuvrable than the Beachcomber, but this is easily outweighed by the increased speed and reduced pitching. The hard chines provide precise manoeuvring as you begin to use the rail to assist steering.
It handles surf really well and in broach entry holds onto the wave where the Beachcomber can tend to get pushed out in front of the white water. The chine slices into the face of the wave to hold its position. Barracuda Interface In choppy water the Interface slices through the water with little effort or splash. A combination of the ‘V’ hull and nicely formed bow.

The deck is lower in profile, with plenty of storage bungees, flush hatches and a front glove box to keep all your bits and pieces in.
Being thermo-formed, the interface is light, so easily loaded and unloaded from the car.
The Interface is available in three volumes, low, medium and high.
All in all a great new addition to the Barracuda range.


  • Day hatch forward of the cockpit
  • Comfortable padded seat and backrest
  • Lots of thigh and foot room.
Length:   5.2 metres
Width:    575 mm
Overall:  360 mm
add 16mm for medium volume
& 35mm for high volume

“Stable and unaffected by the chop, fast on flat or moving water…this is the kit you need to keep a good pace all day…responsive and accepts the lumpy stuff with no fuss.” – Scott Donaldson, Trans-Tasman Paddler


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