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True whitewater sit-on-top with cargo capacity for multi-day trips!

True whitewater sit-on-top with cargo capacity for multiday trips. K1 tackles whitewater like no other inflatable boat. It is responsive, stable and has plenty of volume / buoyancy for aerated water.

The kayak is fitted with two thwarts – the rear one serving as a back rest, the front one as a foot rest. Self-bailing floor of the kayak drains the water out fast and when you need it – so you do not loose speed and buoyancy while paddling big rapids. The paddler sits on an inflatable seat, out of the water. The kayak is fitted with a pair of thigh straps for better control on white water. K2 is a two seater version of the same kayak. Its longer hull provides plenty of room for two with overnight gear.

K1 makes a great fishing kayak. Rod Holder can be safely installed directly on the kayak’s side tube using Railblaza RIBPort. (RIB Port installation requires glue work). Rod Holder clips into the RIB port and must be removed before kayak is packed down.

K1 includes:

  • Inflatable seat
  • Two thwarts
  • Foot rest
  • High straps
  • Pump
  • 100l dry bag / backpack
  • Repair kit
  • Owner’s manual

Available colours:  orange/grey

Technical data:
Length 340 cm
Width 98 cm
Weight 15 kg
Tube diameter 30 cm
Number of persons 1
Maximum load 100 kg
Number of air chambers 3 + 2 + 1
Maximum air pressure 0.025 MPa / 0.25 Bar / 3.7 PSI
Packed dimensions 70 x 45 x 28 cm
Packed volume 90 l

Used Materials:
1100Dtex Polyester fabric with coating of NITRILON®

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