Gumotex Halibut


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Inflatable fishing kayak loaded with features!

Halibut is a true inflatable fishing kayak. It is not another inflatable kayak with a fishing rod attached to it. Halibut has been designed to satisfy three main kayak fishing criteria: Safety, stability and comfort. Halibut is so stable that you can actually stand up and cat line if you wish to, conditions permitting. The kayak floats very well in unlikely scenario of you falling out.
The elevated seat allows comfortable seating for long periods of time. The kayak floor is stiffened with a solid floor board for stable standing. The elevated seat with adjustable back rest makes mounting and dismounting easy and safe and provides comfort during those long waits for a bite.
The kayak packs into a backpack that is easy to carry on your back and fits in every car.  Easy storage in an apartment or a motor home is another bonus.

Rod Holders: The kayak has three rod holders on the back of the seat and another one that can be installed on the gear bench in front of you.
Gear storage: A webbing of elastic rope at the bow and stern will hold your gear in place while on water. Plus there are webbing loops inside the boat, that you can use to tie down bigger pieces of gear too.
Seat Adjustable seat with a back rest provides comfort during long periods of sitting. Material Nitrilon® is a high strength fabric coated with synthetic rubber on the outside and a blend based on natural rubber on the inside. The material is abrasion and UV resistant with superior ageing qualities.

Halibut includes:

  • Two plywood floor boards
  • Adjustable plywood seat
  • Inflatable seat with adjustable back rest
  • Gear bench
  • Three rod holders on the seat back plus another one on gear bench
  • 100l dry bag / backpack
  • Repair kit
  • Owner’s manual

Available colours:  green/grey 

Technical data:
Length 375 cm
Width 96 cm
Weight 21 kg
Tube diameter 31 cm
Number of persons 1
Maximum load 200 kg
Number of air chambers 3 + 1
Maximum air pressure 0.02 MPa / 0.2 Bar / 3.0 PSI
Packed dimensions 70 x 46 x 30 cm
Packed volume 97 l

Used Materials:
1100Dtex Polyester fabric with coating of NITRILON® 

Please note: Some photos taken overseas show no buoyancy aid being worn however it is a legal requirement to wear one on any watercraft in NZ