Sea Kayaking Skills Course – Taupo

or from -$1,500.00 today & 5 weekly interest-free payments of $300.00 with Laybuy

or from -$1,500.00 today & 5 weekly interest-free payments of $300.00 with Laybuy what's this?

$395 per person – scroll down for scheduled dates

Course Schedule for 2019/20

  • 25/26th January 2020
  • 14/15th March 2020  |  07 378 1003

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 Adventure is what sea kayaking is all about. Leaving a busy beach in the centre of town and within minutes, it is you, your mates and the ocean. A deserted beach for a picnic, a fish for dinner or a remote campsite for a night watching the stars and listening to morepork.
Our comprehensive two-day Sea Kayaking Skills Course gives you the foundation skills to handle a sea kayak competently. It covers the skills required to allow you to safely enjoy your sea kayaking adventure.

What you’ll learn:

  • Self-rescues
  • Assist others to re-enter their kayak
  • Paddle strokes including; power, sweep, draw, rudders and support
  • How to set up your kayak, what you need, and how to use it
  • Beach launching and landing
  • Kayak support strokes
  • Steering with your paddle and rudder
  • Edging or railing your kayak to gain better control
  • Packing a kayak
  • Camping
  • Navigation and weather skills
  • Risk management
  • Clothing and equipment
  • Transporting kayaks
  • Simple tow systems

This course is an approved course to cover the requirements to join the Yakity Yak Kayak Club and with the club, you can continue to “Grab Life By the Paddle”

Sign up now to secure your place on an adventure of a lifetime.

Join the Yakity Yak Kayak Club and get an in-store credit when enrolling on this course. This unique nationwide club will help you continue to develop your sea kayaking skills and enjoy a whole range of sea kayaking trips with other like minded people.
Check out the club at

Please ask us about child and couple/family/group pricing.

Kayak and equipment are included in the fees. (There is no rebate if you supply your own)

Transport is not included; it may be possible to share a ride with other clients or the instructors if available.

Course Schedule for 2019/20

14/15th December 2019

25/26th January 2020

14/15th March 2020


For more information or to sign up please email us or call us on (07) 378 1003

54 Spa Rd,

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