Viking Kayaks Fish Finder Install Kit – Multifit


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Fish Finder and transducer DIY installation kit to suit Profish Reload, GT, and 400 kayaks (Profish 440, 45, and 35 kayaks require different kits).

1 – M5 nyloc nut and washer for transducer bracket.

2- Top Plate for Profish 400 transducer mounting (not used for Profish Reload and GT).

3 – Slotted Plate for transducer mounting (slot allows passage of the transducer).

4 – Foam Spacer for transducer mounting (centralises the spindle in the scupper).

5 – Transducer Mount Bracket with short spindle fitted for installation into Profish Reload or GT kayaks.

6 – Long spindle to be swapped with the short spindle on the Transducer Mount Bracket when fitting to a Profish 400.

7 – Cover Plate for the top of the Profish Reload and GT Tackle Pods (not required for the Profish 400).

8 – Cable Covers to cover and seal (in conjunction with MS ALL type sealant) cable passage through kayaks, pods, and well covers.

9 – Red and Black heat shrink tubng for power lead terminations.

10 – Utilux recepticles in corrosion resistant nickel silver for power lead terminations.

11 – Nylon saddle and screws for transducer cable strain relief (used on the Profish 400).

12 – Water resistant fuse holder rigged with 3 amp fuse and nickel silver terminations.

13 – 4x self tapping screw and washers used for fastening the Battery Straps to the bottom of the Profish 400 centre well (not used with the Profish Reload and GT).

14 – 2x M5 countersunk machine screw with washers and nyloc nuts to fasten one battery strap in the square battery recess of the Profish Reload and GT Tackle Pods (not used with the Profish 400).

15 – Battery Strap pair. Both are used in the Profish 400, a single strap is used in the Profish Reload and GT Tackle Pods.