Incept Tasman Kayak


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Incept sea kayaks bring a totally new dimension to the world of touring kayaks for your ocean, lake and gentle river kayaking adventures.These inflatable sea kayaks offer the convenience and portability of an inflatable without compromising the performance expected from a hard-shell.
Incept inflatable sea kayaks pack down into light, compact airline baggage including kayak sprayskirts, seats, pedals, rudder and pump. Imagine being able to take your sea kayak with you anyplace in the world and having the comfort of your own familiar boat on new and unfamiliar waters.
The experienced sea kayakers who have participated in the development of the Incept inflatable sea kayaks give universal acclaim and consistent praise for the speed and handling characteristics comparable to well known hard-shells.
Surprisingly strong and stable, the Incept K40 Tasman kayak will handle big seas and survive impacts which would break rigid hulls. Made of durable reinforced polyurethane alloy similar to the kind used in our world class white water boats, these sea kayaks will take the knocks and give exceptional service. With Incept inflatable sea kayaks there is no need for vehicle roof racks, there are no storage problems, and travelling in public transport and small aircraft is a breeze.
The Tasman inflatable sea kayak is perfect for multi-day expeditions or are just as good for spur-of-the-moment day trips.These kayaks carry an impressive load of gear and because the deck covers and sprayskirts are readily removable, it is a simple matter to effectively stow expedition gear. After a little experience to become familiar with the adjustments and fittings, you will take less than 10 minutes to assemble your kayak and have it ready to hit the water.Robust construction and innovative design give these kayaks a stiff frame, excellent speed, high stability and good handling.


  • Fully featured sea kayaks folding into airline baggage!
  • Detachable high-tech rudder and foot controls.
  • Adjustable inflatable seats and footrests
  • Removable decks allow easy stowage for optimum trim—inspired by well known author Audrey Sutherland and as used by her over thousands of sea miles
  • Emergency exiting three ways — by water-resistant zip, draw cord waistline or Velcro attachment
  • External safety grab line, bow and stern carry handles
  • Plenty of attachments for tethers etc
  • 3 separate air compartments + seats and footrests
  • Bellows foot pump, carry bag and repair kit included

Length: 4.35 m
Beam: 670 mm
Weight (including pump): 15 kg
Size Rolled & Packed: 75 L

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