Railblaza StarPort Adjustable Platform Kit


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Add an adjustable flat railblaza_title_2.jpgsurface to your RAILBLAZA StarPort™(recess or surface mount) and lock into place.

Can be used for attaching Depth sounders, Small tackle boxes,Small bait boards and many other kayak accessories. Easily removed for stowing when not required allowing the Starport to be re-tasked for other RAILBLAZA accessories.

What You Get:

1 x StarPort™ Platform, 1 x StarPort™, 1 x surface mount adapter ring, 1 x weather-tight bung and gasket, winch-locking mechanism, 2 x 32 mm x 10-gauge self-tapping screws, 2 x (6 x 32 mm) bolts, washers & nuts.

The StarPort™ Platform enables work platforms (baitboards, tables) and barbecues to be installed on any surface. Even a TV could be mounted. With another set of StarPorts™ you could also secure your baitboard in storage, eg. transfer your baitboard from your fishing position to your storage locker.
You can use your StarPort™ Platform as a template to mark your holes on the surface to be mounted. Eight positions are able to be used, however, we recommend using at least four.

Mounting Concerns
The StarPort™ Platform should be oriented to best suit the tilt and balance of the surface it is supporting. On large surfaces, multiple StarPort™ Platforms should be used.
When using multiple StarPort™ Platforms they must be all on the same aligned plane.

Installation: StarPort™

  • The StarPort™ can be mounted on the surface using the surface mount collar supplied or it can be recessed into any horizontal or vertical surface.
  • Ensure you have adequate clearance behind the surface for screw and/or bolt penetration, and that no cabling, plumbing or rigging will be adversely affected.
  • We recommend the use of a silicone-based sealant between the collar and the deck.
    Surface/ Recess Mount
  • Drill holes using the template supplied.
    1. Surface Mount: Stack collar, gasket and StarPort™ in place, then fit bolts or screws.
    2. Recess Mount: Fit gasket and StarPort™ in place, then fit bolts or screws.
  • Tighten nuts or screwheads to a firm tension.Available in Black or White.