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Sea Kayaks

Sea Kayaks

In a sea kayak you travel to amazing remote locations that few experience. You pack in so much equipment that unpacking at a camp site, trampers look around for the porters or donkeys that carried it. Read more...           

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The Matariki is a versatile kayak designed for day tripping and light overnight expeditions. Very stable, straight tracking and comfortable to paddle, it is ideal for the novice kayaker. 
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An enjoyable sea kayak, fast and nimble with huge storage, great features and the most comfortable seat your butt will ever meet.
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At 17kgs the Beachcomber is the lightest plastic sea kayak of its class on the market and has been developed to incorporate the latest sea kayak designs and technology to provide a comfortable, stable and surprisingly manoeuvrable ride for all.
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FROM $3240



The New Interface has developed from the growing demand for lower volume kayaks that do not require large amounts of storage space. Ideal for day trips and weekends.
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Canoe & Kayak Matariki
NZ $1,699.00
incl GST
Canoe & Kayak Wainui
From: NZ $3,099.00
incl GST
Canoe & Kayak Waitai
NZ $3,180.00
incl GST
From: NZ $3,240.00
incl GST
Barracuda Enigma
From: NZ $3,440.00
incl GST
Barracuda Interface
From: NZ $3,440.00
incl GST
Beachcomber AR Duo
NZ $4,500.00
incl GST
Mission Contour 480
From: NZ $2,199.00
incl GST
Mission Contour 490
From: NZ $3,499.00
incl GST
Mission Eco Bezhig
From: NZ $3,099.00
incl GST
Mission Eco Niizh 565 COM
NZ $4,999.00
incl GST


We live, breathe, sleep kayaks. Its who we are. As specialists we aim to offer you the best range to give you the best choices. We work hard to resolve all our customers needs and concerns.
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