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Choosing the right kayak or canoe and equipment can be difficult with so many options now available. It's important you get the right kayak to suit your needs, your ability and one that is comfortable and a good fit for you. What's right for one person isn't necessarily right for the next person. It can be hard to tell from simply reading or looking at images of the kayaks to see what's comfortable for you so we strongly advise to pay us a visit so we can advise you further and fit you to the right kayak..
The trick is before you start thinking about what equipment is right for you, think about where you want to go in it.  The Canoe & Kayak staff member will no doubt also tell you about many more amazing adventures you could have in the future and some of these will expand your original ideas.
Once you both have this picture of your planned adventures sorted. The decision around the potential equipment you need will be much clearer. The Canoe & Kayak staff member will now be able to point out the best equipment and its features that can make your paddling fun and safe.
An added value of talking with the team and getting their professional advice will mean, the equipment you purchase today will suit you now and into the future and this gives you the best value for money product, while keeping your enjoyment and safety in mind.
Please remember, that equipment is only part of the equation for a safe, fun time on the water.  We all know you will be safer and enjoy the sport more if you are knowledgeable about the conditions you are venturing into and skilful enough to deal with them.   To this end we offer and recommend a range of courses which will allow you to be safe and competent on your kayaking adventures.
Cheers and Happy paddling
Peter Townend
Founder of Canoe & Kayak. 


We live, breathe, sleep kayaks. Its who we are. As specialists we aim to offer you the best range to give you the best choices. We work hard to resolve all our customers needs and concerns.
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