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GUMOTEX,  has become a synonym for quality and a reliable partner with its rubber products and technical foams during its more than 60 years of business on the international market. Their stable position as a renowned manufacturer is confirmed by their modern manufacturing technology and continuous improvements in development. 


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Top Sellers

TWIST kayaks are designed especially for beginning recreational boaters, interested in excursions and fun on the water. Ideal for less experienced riders or beginners. Its strong points are its low weight and minimum dimensions when packed. When packed, it can fit into a standard backpack.
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The HELIOS I kayak is designed for water of the lowest difficulty level – lakes, seaside excursions and moving water of WW2 difficulty level.
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The TWIST II kayak preserves all the good points of a one-seat boat. It's especially designed for couples interested in water tourism or families with children. Its strong points are its low weight and minimal dimensions when packed.
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FRAMURA is the fastest kayak produced by Gumotex designed for recreational trips and river travelling.
You can load it with plenty of baggage in the large spaces available front and rear. Ideal for paddling on the sea, touring on lakes as well as rivers up Grade 1. The whole kayak is covered by
a permanent deck with a cockpit and a comfortable seat.
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Gumotex Twist 1
From: NZ $990.00
incl GST
Gumotex Twist 2
NZ $1,190.00
incl GST
Gumotex Helios 1
From: NZ $1,290.00
incl GST
Gumotex Solar 2
From: NZ $1,690.00
incl GST
Gumotex Swing 1
NZ $1,390.00
incl GST
Gumotex Swing 2
NZ $1,790.00
incl GST
Gumotex Seawave
NZ $2,490.00
incl GST
Gumotex Framura
NZ $2,190.00
incl GST
Gumotex K1
NZ $2,290.00
incl GST
Gumotex K2
NZ $2,590.00
incl GST
Gumotex Halibut
NZ $2,390.00
incl GST
Gumotex Scout Ex
From: NZ $2,690.00
incl GST
Gumotex Baraka
From: NZ $2,490.00
incl GST


We live, breathe, sleep kayaks. Its who we are. As specialists we aim to offer you the best range to give you the best choices. We work hard to resolve all our customers needs and concerns.
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