A Magpie Collection

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The interactive bird book you have been waiting for. Beautiful photos, quirky art and QR-codes set this book apart.  
Birds are not part of the furniture! They are amazing animals with all kinds of special adaptations. They have no teeth, don't sweat and wear feathers. They also lay eggs and spread seeds. Some plants and trees depend on birds for their very existence.  Found in every habitat from mountain top to deep ocean, birds have found unique ways to survive. 

This book for children aged 8-12 years explores the secret lives of birds and lets you hear their songs. There’s also a website for young ornithologists, their parents and their teachers. Also available in a dyslexic font version.   

Long Bay Great Parks receives $10 for every copy of this book we sell.

Just when we thought Okura Estuary was saved from urban development, landowner, Okura Holdings Ltd (Todd Property Group), has struck again by appealing the Auckland Council’s decision not to allow intensive development on the shores of the Estuary and the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve.

Despite the Auckland Council rejecting Okura Holdings Unitary Plan proposal to develop the southern side of the Estuary in an intensive 750-1000 unit housing development, the developer isn’t respecting Council’s decision and is relentlessly driving for urbanisation to go ahead at a devastating cost to the environment.

This shocking news could spell certain doom for the future of the Marine Reserve and the wildlife that lives there. In the continuation of an epic David versus Goliath saga, the Long Bay Okura Great Park Society now has no option but to take on the developer in the Environment Court.

We have really appreciated your support before and now ask for your help again in the Estuary’s hour of need.
A Magpie Collection
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