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Since 1994 Canoe & Kayak Ltd has developed into the largest chain of Specialist Kayak Centres in New Zealand and has a strong reputation as being a leader in developing the sport of kayaking.

This has been achieved though the attitude of inclusion. Inclusion is vital in growing a team and this is what we do at the company owner level right though to the new customer. If you include people in decisions then they own the outcome and the outcome is always better when intelligent people combine their skills and knowledge to make decisions.
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Our key marketing tool is the New Zealand Kayak Magazine along with our website Weekly emails promoting club activities provide an on-going carrot to entice the still thinking customers to come back. A strong focus on excellent service to all customers and hence creating strong positive word of mouth creating referrals for future business.

We operate within a Licence Agreement which lays out the responsibilities of both the Licensor and the Licensee. This agreement has been improved with Lawyers working for new Licensee's suggesting changes, which have in many cases been adopted. This has created a fair workable document that allows all parties to work strongly towards success without undue interference in inconsequential areas, but still puts restraints on all parties when dealing with important issues.

The Licence Agreement allows a large degree of owner participation in the direction of their business and this gives the owner more self control with plenty of support where needed. This has grown a strong network of Licensees that call on each other and the Licensor to develop and improve their operations, thus allowing and encouraging a continual improvement in the whole operation and the on-going fun of improving something rather than just maintaining it.

A comprehensive two week Licensee familiarisation course based on the Operations Manual will be run for the successful purchaser along with substantial in store support from Canoe & Kayak Ltd staff until you the new Owner is comfortable.
Business Opportunities
Canoe & Kayak Taranaki is For Sale!
Canoe & Kayak Waikato is For Sale!

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Canoe & Kayak New Territories
We have other territories for sale in both the North and South Islands.
For a new owner purchasing one of these territories the team from Canoe & Kayak Ltd will set up the entire Centres operation including, shop fit, stocking, computer systems, trailer and training and will be in store with you on opening day to make sure all goes smoothly.
Please contact Peter Townend with your questions at or
phone 09 476 7066 and have a look at our
for more information about our company.
Canoe & Kayak Agencies

Would you like part time employment or a part time business?
We are looking for keen kayakers in areas where we do not have an existing outlet to run a Canoe & Kayak and Roof Rack Centre Agency to sell and service kayaking equipment and roof racks.
The right person will have a keen interest in kayaking and a practical ability with mechanical things, this is so roof racks can be fitted for clients and repairs and fit outs on kayaks can be handled. 


We live, breathe, sleep kayaks. Its who we are. As specialists we aim to offer you the best range to give you the best choices. We work hard to resolve all our customers needs and concerns.
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