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Rasdex was originally started in the UK in 1990, and has since been supplying high quality, performance kayaking clothing to the UK, Europe, the US and Japan amongst other countries.Their jackets and trousers are made from technical fabrics sourced in Europe and then coated in the UK with specialist breathable, waterproof coating. The only coatings they are prepared to use are those which have been well tested by their team of sponsored paddlers, and have been proven to give excellent long term performance in kayaking kit.
Rasdex Tow Flag
NZ $17.50
incl GST
Rasdex Neoprene Skull Cap
NZ $37.95
incl GST
Rasdex Neoprene Pogies
NZ $58.95
incl GST
Rasdex Cockpit Cover
From: NZ $69.95
incl GST
Rasdex Neoprene Deck
From: NZ $149.95
incl GST
Rasdex Combination Deck
From: NZ $169.95
incl GST
Rasdex Sprint/K1 Deck
NZ $126.95
incl GST
Rasdex Progression
NZ $219.95
incl GST
Rasdex Multisporter
NZ $283.50
incl GST
Rasdex Long Sleeve Paddle Jacket
From: NZ $214.95
incl GST
Rasdex Adventure Open Neck Long Line Cag
From: NZ $244.95
incl GST
Rasdex Adventure Semi Dry Pants
From: NZ $204.95
incl GST
Rasdex Kayak Fishing Pants
From: NZ $134.50
incl GST


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